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about lisa grey

Lisa Grey has been transforming textiles and paper with paint, ink, dyes, glue and stitch for as long as she can remember. Known for her innovative work with disperse dyes, particularly marbling synthetic fabrics, she enjoys searching for alternative methods of achieving a desired result. Other notable bodies of work include creating stitched baskets nesting in metal stands and a multiple year project of double exposure self portraits with the intention of overcoming her phobia of being photographed. Each image includes her face or sometimes the whole body randomly combined with whatever she is looking at in the moment.


Grey’s current work continues to explore all aspects of what captures her interest on a daily basis, often repurposing life’s detritus including, but hardly limited to altering assorted fabrics and ephemera collected over the years. Lisa lives with her husband, an ornamental blacksmith, near the New Hampshire seacoast in an old factory building bordering the railroad tracks.


A tidal pond, a large scrap metal pile and graffiti on idling railroad cars are in view from Lisa’s second story studio atop the blacksmith shop. All find their way into her work in various ways as do various items scavenged on daily walks though the neighborhood. She likes nothing better than spending time with friends experimenting with a wide variety of techniques and materials, creating an explosion of color and pattern while investigating new avenues of exploration. Then comes the hard work of figuring out how to rein it in.


Lisa teaches workshops at craft schools and for private groups around the country as well as in her studio, also now offering private lessons. 

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